Senior-Citizen HELP

This program, created by Rockland Paramedic Services is a one-hour presentation to senior citizens groups. It details the early warning signs of stroke and heart attack and outlines how seniors can access emergency services. It provides insight into how and when to call for help; along with simple procedures that can easily be performed to help the victim until assistance arrives.

Paramedic Assistants Program

This class is geared to the Corps members to familiarize them with the Paramedic equipment. It also gives them hands- on training in helping the paramedic with emergency procedures. The outcome of this design yields improved patient care and enhanced cooperation between BLS and ALS personnel.

Youth EMS Awareness

The youth program is conducted at schools and club meetings (i.e. scouts) and is geared to assisting the youth in identifying an emergency and accessing help. It is a lively program with interactions, demonstrations, and handouts such as coloring books and balloons.
Speaker's Bureau: Rockland Paramedic Services has developed a Speaker's Bureau to regularly address schools, community and civic groups on issues related to EMS.
Rockland Paramedic Services also offers EMS out reach to the community by participating in free Community events and Health Fairs.

As this is part of our mission as a not-for-profit, these events are covered at no charge to the community or municipality.


Rockland Mobile Care, in affiliation and collaboration with Rockland Paramedic Services, offers a comprehensive training program to ensure our staff and our partners in healthcare maintain and expand upon the knowledge and skills necessary to provide

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Municipal 911

Rockland Paramedic Services is the paramedic emergency medical services provider for all of the towns in Rockland County. The towns receiving our service are Orangetown, Clarkstown, Ramapo, Tuxedo (Orange County). Our subsidiary organization RMC

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